Lures that will have them biting!

Ever hear the term “The fish aren’t biting today.” Or “All these fish have seen that lure before.”? How about putting a quality crafted and custom painted lure that a fish has never seen before to trigger that bite. At Matsuda Custom Baits we believe in putting out a high quality bait starting with the materials that are used to create a unique one of a kind lure.

high quality bLank pressing

Everything from the type of plastic used to the eyelets are of higher standards in the industry. Each blank is inspected for any imperfections.

mustad kvg triple grip hooks

Our hooks all get attached using high grade split rings. All split rings are sized appropriately to compliment each lure and its action.

individually water tested

Each blank is submerged in a dunk tank to test for any sort of leaking and then thoroughly washed of any potential oils and dust.

meticulously painted

every lure signed 松田

The painting process

I'm a big fan of all the Createx paints.  A long time company that has an excellent reputation for its products. These paints flow nicely through the airbrush and blend nicely with each other to create a natural flowing look. A final inspection of each completed lure takes place. Things I look for are clear coat complications, hardware installed correctly (hooks and rings), and most importantly “Would I Fish This?”  We have 18 paint schemes for you to choose from. First choose your Lure from our Topwater, Lipless, Jerkbait, Deep Diver, Roundbill or Squarebill. Then choose your type of lure and lastly choose your paint scheme.

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